Welcome to the farm!

View on the  Turrialba Volcano from the Farm


Come and discover Costa Rican culture, eat delicious vegetarian meals, interact with farm animals, walk in the forest, enjoy a yoga class, take Spanish classes, help in the daily duties of the farm and meet the lovely people living and working here !


La Flor Agroecological Farm is a project established for over 20 years by ASODECAH (Association for the Development of Environmental and Human Consciousness), a non-profit organization that seeks to complement the country's environmental education and strengthen the relationship between human beings, animals, environment and well being. Therefore, we invite academic groups, volunteers, language students, artists, yoga practitioners and visitors to experience a lifestyle that is in contact with nature.

The farm is located in the highlands of the Central Valley, in the mountains, and has an incredible view over the Orosi valley as well as the Turrialba volcano.

The community of people who come to work on the farm lives in the nearby village and have many years of collaboration with the project.


On the farm you can walk the paths of the 10 hectares (25 acres) of regenerated forest, observe and learn in organic and medicinal gardens, enjoy the presence of farm animals (chickens, horses, goats, ducks) and meditate or practice in the yoga studio.



Here are the faces that you can see every day on the farm. Together, they organize and work in the areas of the farm such as gardens, animal care, cooking, the forest, art... They enjoy working with volunteers and telling them about their experience and knowledge of life on the farm. They do everything to make you feel at home and appreciate the presence of each human being open to share this simple lifestyle in connection with nature.






VALues and missions



INTERNET : You can communicate with your family and friends from the main house where there is WIFI. The cabins and the rest of the farm are intentionally offgrid to offer you space of full presence and connection with nature.

LAUNDRY : The farm has several washing machines available for guests at no additional cost.

SECURITY : The Finca is located in a safe town. Guests can walk around the farm freely without being afraid. In addition, the cabins have keys so you can leave your belongings in your locked room.

HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT : The farm, due to its location, offers a very healthy environment to volunteer, come on vacation or study. The place is free of smoke and drugs as well as pollution, stress and noise generated by the city.

RECYCLING CENTER : We ask you to be aware of your production of plastic waste on the farm. We try to maintain an ecological and sustainable place as much as we can. Therefore, we have a recycling center with signs at your disposal to classify waste.