Families, couples, friends, solo travelers... Everyone is welcome from children to the elderly and each hand is a great support to the project. Stay a few days or a few months; there is no minimum period to come and help here and we are open all year!

Volunteers are a powerful force on the farm that we value very much. Over the years the farm has greatly improved thanks to the support of volunteers coming from all around the world.

The volunteer program

Thanks to this volunteer program, you will experience the daily life on a farm and share beautiful moments with locals and other travelers from different countries.


Here are some examples of activities you may do during your time with us:

-Learn about permaculture and organic agriculture in our organic gardens sowing, watering, weeding, building terraces, and harvesting.

-Participate in the creation and use of compost.

-Learn the use of natural and local resources.

-Use the medicinal plants of our garden.

-Interact with farm animals including horses, goats, chickens, roosters, and dogs.

-Discover how to cook typical dishes with our 100% Costa Rican cooks.

-Create products with the resources of the farm such as learning the process to make a goat cheese or cutting and drying leaves of the medicinal garden to make infusions.


You may also participate in the activities organized on the farm such as campfires, board games nights, or movie nights. On Saturdays we go to the local farmers market to buy fruits and vegetables that we do not have on the farm and you are welcome to get together to try some delicious empanadas, juices, coconut water and other things!


Volunteering on the farm is a really positive experience. Some of the best moments are the meals we share together as volunteers, residents, and guests in a very warm and welcoming atmosphere.

To see more pictures of the environment of the farm and the activities of the volunteers : GALLERY

Rates & Schedule

We usually work from Monday to Friday with this schedule:

        6-7:40am Work

 7:40-8am Group meeting

 8-9:00am Breakfast

        9-12:00pm Work

        12-1:00pm Lunch and time to rest

 1-6:00PM Free time

 6:00pm Dinner 

The schedule may change depending on the weather, the level of effort required by the job, the level of fatigue. We are flexible and responsive to your needs.


The weekends are off to rest and enjoy the farm or discover sites around the farm. We can recommend places to go and have a catalog of the activities near the farm.


The cost of the program is $25/day and we offer a reduced price for stays 3 weeks and longer.

The cost covers guided work on the farm, lodging and the 3 delicious and vegetarian meals per day (weekends included). This money is a great help for the farm as a non-profit association to improve facilities, support local workers, and create new projects.


In exchange for that, you will gain a beautiful human experience, new knowledge in the areas of the farm, the possibility of sharing with people from various countries and improving your Spanish with the locals.


Although knowledge of Spanish is not required, it is an advantage for volunteers to study Spanish to communicate with the local people who work on the farm. We offer Spanish classes for an additional cost during your volunteer time.

Contact Us for more information and availability.