SPANISH classes

Why come to Finca la Flor to learn Spanish?


Here you will learn the language from locals and practice with total immersion in the culture and in nature. Your participation supports our non-profit farm project physically and economically and is greatly appreciated. 



For more than 17 years, the farm has been teaching Spanish for groups coming mostly from Europe (Germany, France, Italy, England) and North America (Canada, United States). These groups are fundamental for the farm since the beginning and strongly support the growth of the project.


We work in collaboration with organizations such as ARO Coop International and AFS Intercultural Programs and receive groups between 2 and 5 times a year. The farm has experience and space to receive groups of up to 30 students. The age of the students typically varies between 16 years and +60 years but there is no age limit to learn a new language!


The intensive program for groups (6 hours a day Monday through Friday) is based on a manual created by the farm and developed according to professional standards of Spanish teaching techniques for foreigners. In addition, we create level groups to meet expectations as best we can and help students feel comfortable according to their language skills.


The main focus of the course is conversation and interactions so that students can communicate more fluently when they are in a Spanish-speaking country. The teachers we hire work for many years with the farm. They are all Costa Rican, experienced, and know how to adapt to each group and their own dynamics.


If you are interested in bringing a group here and defining a personalized program, contact us so we can see what a good experience we can create together! We can adapt the classes to meet your language needs and the programming you have designed.


individual SPANISH or english classes

The farm has among its members people speaking Spanish, English, German and French. We promote the diversity of nationalities and learning new languages. It's such a good feeling to be able to communicate in the local language of the country! Therefore, we also offer individual Spanish classes adapted to all levels and according to the needs of each one, for people interested in adding classes during their time with us. It can be a single class or an intensive program with several hours a day depending on your goal of progression and the time you want to invest. You can go to see the rates and contact us for any questions and additional information.