Families, friends, couples, solo travelers, whoever wants to come and enjoy the surroundings of the property and stay is welcome!

Relax, enjoy the quiet life and nature, discover our delicious vegetarian meals and come to meet new people from several countries but all with the same values!

the cabins

The accommodations are rustic cabins created throughout the years of existence of the farm including dorms, private cabins, and private rooms with shared bathroom. Each of them is unique, but all include beds (single, twins, double beds), bathrooms and hot shower. Sheets, blankets and towel will also be provided.


We are convinced that a large part of a good experience is the quality of your sleep, so we are pleased to offer you a restful night with the sounds of nature around on one of our orthopedic mattress.


We respect the biodiversity of the farm and commit to protecting this environment by not using chemicals in the gardens or in the rooms. At times, small insects may come to visit you but don't worry, they are harmless and are generally more afraid than you are.


We can host groups of up to 30 people for a variety of activities that include volunteering, language classes, yoga retreats, permaculture courses and various events. If you want to rent the space and bring a group here, contact us so we can see together what experience we can offer you.


To see more pictures of the farm, you can go to the gallery page.


Food is an important part of a healthy life. We pay close attention to what we eat and the whole process that exists before the food is on our plate.


We provide a part of our diet with our own organic produce from the gardens and buy the remaining food from local sources. Milk and cheese also come from the farm thanks to our goats and the expert hands that prepare it.


The cooks who will prepare your meals are all Ticas and live in the village, so they are neighbors and family of the farm for many years. They prepare typical Costa Rican dishes such as gallo pinto, Sopa negra, ceviche but are also inventive and enjoy creating original foods such as the delicious Yucca pie!

The meals are all vegetarian and we can offer vegan and gluten-free options if needed.


Enjoy three meals a day using fresh, locally grown, often organic foods prepared on a wood stove. We often eat together (workers, residents, volunteers, guests) in the dining room with a family and relaxed atmosphere.



The farm has incredible human and natural resources that allow us to offer a positive experience to guests. 

  • Walk the paths of the 10 hectares of regenerated forest.
  • Observe, help and learn in organic and medicinal gardens.
  • Enjoy the presence of farm animals (chickens, horses, goats) and help feeding them which is particularly enjoyable to children.
  • Learn the process to make goat cheese and artisanal bread.
  • Play one of our board games in the main house.
  • Rest and read. 

The farm is close to many places of interest and you can find your happiness among the different types of activities that are practiced in the area. Whether you prefer city or nature, hiking or shopping, sports or relaxation, there is something for everyone. We have a catalog of activities and attractions near the farm that we can show you with pleasure such as

  • Tapanti National Park,
  • Hotsprings of Orosi,
  • Botanical garden of Lankester,
  • Monumento Guayabo


You can go to the page of the rates to see the price of the lodging and of the activities that are offered in the farm.